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5 Card Stud Poker

5 card stud poker

The ultimate techniques which are incorporated in order to play 5 card stud poker are discussed here. These techniques and strategies are not only agreed but also preferred by a number of expert poker players on different poker games.

Every five card stud poker game has different competing levels, each of which requires different rules and regulations to complete the game. Such 5 card stud poker game requires an experiences player which should be having a minimal experience of at least playing at table or online.

Basic Technique:

Five card stud poker is a game involving combinations of high cards as well as pairs. You are not advised to play your 5 card stud poker for flushes or straights. Experts have recommended that you are likely to win the game only when you use play for the flushes in such a way that you have three numbers of cards heading towards a straight flush card being on street number three. Even if you are heading toward Fourth Street along with your flushes and straights then you are likely to get the appraisals of winning the game.

If you are hoping to give your opponent a tough time with your 5 card stud poker then you should keep your one card down as your last trump card. You should take a keen interest in the playing strategies of your opponents. In order to initiate the five card stud poker use a pair or any available live card as this could help you in beating the card board.

Once the card have been distributed and you do not find a pair in any of the three cards given to you then you may fold. This technique should also be applied when you see no chance of taking your opponent player on hands or when the opponent beats you on the board.

Given below are some of the definitions of cards which could help you in enhancing your winning abilities in any kind of five card stud poker game:


High Cards:

Those cards among five card stud poker which are heading from 10 till A are known as High Cards.

Low Cards:

Whereas the 5 card stud poker cards from 2 to 9 are termed as low cards.

Door Card:

The card which has been exposed upwards when the game begins is called a door card.

Live Cards:

Those cards which are still not exposed on the card board in 5 card stud poker are the live cards.

Dead Cards:

As explicit from the name, the already revealed cards which are no more possible to get are the dead cards.

Fast Play:

Fast play incorporates three things i.e. to first bet, secondly to raise and then re-raise in order to get your opponents out as soon as possible.

Slow Play:

A very slow but steady play by letting the other players in the game and checking the odd pots is known as tact of slow play.

Check Fold:

When you are bet into the five card stud poker and fold when you are being checked then this is termed as the phenomena of check fold.

Random Pair:

Every player who uses the technique of fast play tries to beat the other players. You need to fold in such a situation by taking random pair of Third Street or live up cards.

High Hole Card and a High Up card which can beat the Board:

If you likely to get to the street card on the deck then you can pair your high hole card along with a high up card as they together will beat the board in 5 card stud poker.

Winning Tips:

. You should not play your five card stud poker either for straights or flushes. This tip can vary if you are having three pair of cards which are heading to straight flush.

. Try to fold in the first three cards.

. You may also fold if you do not have any pair of high up cards or a live card.

. Take keen interest in the active play of your opponents.

. Play clean without any bluffs as they may get you out of the game if caught.

. Try to avoid playing low hole cards if you have other options available in your 5 card stud poker.

. Low pair door cards usually symbolizes trips thus, you should avoid playing such cards.

. Try to play live cards when you initiate you 5 card stud poker game whereas, play semi-live cards from the mid to the ending of the game.
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