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Major Millions is a Microgaming progressive jackpot that can be won on either a 3 reel classic machine or a 15 payline cartoonish military-themedvideo slot.

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Learning to play online poker really isn't all that different from playing poker at a card room. The only major differences are how you deposit, and how much rake is taken from each hand that is played. The great benefit to playing online versus a live card room is that online almost all of the poker sites will give you a deposit bonus.

online poker

Online Poker - How to Play?

online poker

Poker is a family of card that is played all over the world and is highly popular. There are various kinds of Poker games; the most popular among them currently is probably is texas holdem . The variation in the game may be in different forms: the betting rules can be different, the way the cards are dealt out can be different, the rules as to which hand wins- the high or low, everything varies.

Texas hold'em is a variation where two cards are dealt out. Additionally five community cards are dealt out, out of which three are "the flop" and two are "the train" and "the river". The players however have the option to check, bet or fold after any of the cards that are being dealt.

The goal of the game like all other poker games is to win the amount of money or "pot" which has the contribution of each player. Normally only one player wins but there can be a case where there is a tie between two or more players in which case the pot is divided. Who has the highest hand depends on the cards that are dealt out, and can be determined in case of a showdown where all players compare their cards and determine the winner. In another case where all players have "fold" which means that they withdraw all claims from the pot, the player who has not fold is the winner. Since the whole online pokeren depends on who is dealt what card, which cannot be controlled by anyone, the strategy should be to logically aim at winning, not each and every round, but more than one has put into the pot.

As the name of the game suggests, the game originated in Texas and then first spread to Las Vegas in the 1960s. The widespread popularity of this particular variety of poker, is largely because of the Internet  and because it is used in many films and television series. From James Bond in Casino Royale to Late Night Poker TV, Texas hold'em has been getting a lot of attention. It is also possible to play this game on the Internet by betting less money and without divulging one's identity.

There are three types of hold'em- limit hold'em, no limit hold'em, and pot hold'em.They also have one of the best software platforms designed by Microgaming. Top that off with the best customer support and you can finally see why is so highly regarded by its players.

Texas hold'em is basically a closed poker game. As the two cards dealt initially can only be shown in case of a showdown. The game begins with a "pre flop" betting round and the betting is supposed to go on till all but one-player folds, the one who doesn't fold is obviously the winner.

Dealing of the card starts with the one who has the button, and moves towards the right. After the first betting round, if there is more than one player remaining who hasn't folded then the dealer deals three community cards or "flop", then another round of betting follows, at the end of which the "train" and "the river" is dealt out. This continues till there is a showdown or only one player is left and the rest fold.

All this focused on the game itself, but what about betting strategy? You must always know how much you can afford to bet. You must also take promotions into account.  So really, your investment is only 94% of what it says! If a bet is expected to give you only a 94% return, it can be a good bet when it normally wouldn't be.

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1 Betsson Poker 100% up to 2000 EUR! Read Review 98%
1 William Hill Poker 100% up to $100 Read Review 88%
1 Nodric Bet 100% up to 2000 EUR Read Review 88%
2 Betsafe Poker 100% up to 2000 EUR Read Review 88%