razz poker

Razz Poker

razz poker

Razz poker is a version of poker that is also known as 7 card stud low. It became incredibly popular during the 2004 World Series of Poker. Interestingly, the goal of this version of Poker is to get the worst hand to win. Even the expert players of Poker will admit that Razz is probably the most frustrating version of poker, but it is still worth learning. If you like ring games and HORSE tournaments, Razz is a poker game that is definitely worth learning.

There are many places to play Razz poker online, but first, let's discuss the basic rules and strategies that will help you to become good at the game.

The Rules Of Razz Poker

Razz Poker is a betting game. Before the cards are dealth, the players are obliged to make their bet. After dealing the cards, the game progresses much like 7 Card Stud with a few key differences. In Razz, the card with the highest number on the 3rd street starts all of the action. In the following rounds, the lowest hand on show is the one that acts first. If two or more players have an equally low hand, the first one to the right of the dealer is the one who gets to start the round. A key difference between this version of Razz and others, is that there is no double bet option if a player pairs their door card. At the end of the game, the person left with hand that equals the lowest amount is the one that wins. Important things to remember are: Aces are low, and colors and stairs are ignored. In Razz Poker, the player would have to have an Ace, then 2, 3, 4 and 5 to be in possession of the best hand. Finding the lowest hand is quite simple. For example, if two players both have 8 as their first card, the next card is taken into account. So the cards 87543 would be beaten by 86543. The minimum of years a player could have if they had the first hand would be 8 and 7 years, while the other player would have 8 and 7 years.

Poker Tips & Strategies For A Game Of Razz Poker

To play Razz successfully, players must have a lot of patience. Playing tight whenever the opportunity arises, is is ideal. The starting hands of Razz are easily remembered. Having 3 cards which range between the lowest card.

Ace and five equal a great hand. A23 is, in this instance, the best hand possible that you could start with. If you have any 3 of the first 5 cards making up your starting hand, you should definitely bet and raise. If you have any hree cards between the Ace and 6, this is still a relatively good hand but caution is needed (as there is the possibility that someone could have a better hand). Three cards of 7 or less is still okay, but three cards ranging between 8 and the Ace could get tricky. Continuously playing 3 cards between 8 and Ace is going to lose you chips.

Pay attention to the cards that other players have put face up on the table. Players of Razz poker will get a better idea of the strength of other people's hands if they watch these carefully. Sometimes, it is possible to take direction from these cards. Having 3 cards up to 9 and no cards up are lower than 9. You will know without a doubt that you've got a relatively good hand. This would be a good time to bet and raise.

Continueing to watch player's porches carefully as hands progress is critical, to play Razz well. By betting aggressively, it is still possible to win hands, even if your cards are sub-par as other players may be catching high cards.

Live And Dead Cards

Another important feature of the game 7 card stud is live and dead cards. In Razz, players need their cards, preferrably, to be "dead" cards. This means that if you get an Ace, a 3 and a 6, you can still feel good about your hand as there is less chance you'll have to stop playing. Capturing pairs can kill starting hands in Razz, so the more cards you see which are dead, the better.

Slow Play Vs. Jamming

Razz is generally not a slow playing game (although there can be exceptions). If players are in possession of a good hand, they'll want to jam. A reason for this is because the lock normally creates a large pot on 3rd street which can then let players call onto 4th street. Getting back on track is easy if you get a low card on 5th street. Naturally, as a poker player, you need to use player's weaknesses against them. You can't go wrong betting and raising the stakes when you are in possession of a good hand.

Made 9 Low VS. Best Draw After 5 Cards

After 5 cards have been dealt in the game of Razz, the best drawn hand is always a favourite over any Made 9 Low hands. In most other versions of poker, the made hand normally trumps the best drawn hand. In Razz, on 5th street, things are different, however. Things go back to normal when the game reaches 6 Calle, however. At this point, the made 9 low is the favourite and the person in possession should definitely be making bets!

In any form of poker, it is important to know when to fold. Making a habit of starting with sub-par hands or drawing weak cards on powerful boards isn't going to help your bank balance! Save money to bet when you have a really strong hand that appears to be unbeatable, and then be really aggressive when playing. If the game has a low limit, players tend to play their hands well and keep themselves honest. Patience is required, since you need to be able to steel yourself to play aggressively at the right times.

Stealing Antes

There are several situations in the game of Razz which are perfect for attempting to steal the antes. To make Razz a profitable game, it is not neccessary to steal antes all of the time (so you don't need to worry about it working every time). A great opportunity to steal is when you have the lowest upcard. It's preferrable to have okay cards placed in the hole. If not, attempting robbery at this point is no different to ending with a door card in 7 card stud. It is possible to steal using the second highest. If you are playing a game with low limits, it isn't worth stealing antes.
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